NComputing WEB + Netsuport

Use in schools

Is it possible to have less wires? Can your computer be smaller? On top of that, can you also save money?

Our answer to that is: NComputing + NetSupport

A classroom with 20 work seats and an extra one for the teacher can be equiped for only 3,987,00kn + VAT per seat – this price includes installation

A demo classroom can be viewed on Institute Ruđer Bošković in Zagreb, with annoucement.

What’s included

Working with students has never been easier. Monitor students and assign them tasks from your computer through the NetSupport system!

In comparison to a brand computer, that kind of a workstation costs around 5.000 kn + VAT

In addition to savings when initially buying hardware, there are numerous more advantages to the NComputing system:

NetSupport SOFTWARE advanced classroom management includes the following:

You can all computers on/off, remotely log on/off all computers with one click.

Registration of students – Generate and store attendance lists and questionnaires.

Interactive curriculum / units – Organize activities and resources for the class, track progress in real time and share units with other teachers.

Teaching –  Show the teacher’s screen to all group members or even a specific application. Show a clip of previous classes, sound included.

Monitor student screens – Monitor the entire classroom or specific sutdents. You can use highly detailed thumbnails of every computer and assume control through just one click.

On-screen notes – Use many presentation and note-taking tools, to keep the students’ focus.

Monitor and control applications – Monitor all applications used in the classroom, including background ones, remote opening and colsing application, take detailed records of all applications used during a class by specific students. Possibility of creating allowed and forbidden application lists.

Monitor and control Internet content  – This allows the same features as application control. You can also partially block websites, allowing access to only certain parts of a set URL. You can enable FTP blocking.

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