Modernize your business using digital signatures

Following market demand, we recently included in our offer something that many customers already use to facilitate their business and save money using a green solution – digital signature tablets.

Namely, it’s the SP-1200 device, a touchscreen tablet used to create digital signatures. The device is applicable in all office environments where there is a lot of documentation and paperwork, and is commonly used in banks.

The client or customer uses a specially designed stylus to sign their name on the touchscreen. The tip of the stylus is designed specially for this kind of screen, which ensures a high quality and easy to read digital signature.

The device is relatively small – 150 mm (width) x 122 mm (depth) x 26 mm (height), which makes it very flexible in terms of location of because it does not take a lot of space, and it is easy to move as required. Unit weight is a negligible 0.37 kg. Also, the external appearance of the tablets is very modern, so it fits on any desk or work desk in your business area.

The screen resolution is 320 x 240, it is possible to adjust the contrast, backlight, the device boasts very low power consumption (5 V, 70 mA). The tablet is powered through the USB interface. It is possible to simultaneously view the electronic signature on the tablet screen and the monitor. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using digital signatures is a great saving of paper, which directly contributes to environmental conservation.

If you are interested in the price or other details regarding the device, please contact us by phone at 01 6444 444 or by e-mail –