Now Gamers Can Enjoy Registering Their Very Own ‘.Game’ Domain

Given the kind of technology people have nowadays, almost everything is just possible. And sure enough, this is bound to happen to gamers all over the world. Now, they can have their “.game” domain made available in all four corners of the Internet realm.

Sure, video games fanatics have been creating their own websites using the ever-famous “.com” — yeah, it is no late night news. However, they have also been dreaming of a domain that is specifically designed and/or created for their interest. After all, they want their visitors to have concrete knowledge of what their sites are all about.

Fortunately, good things are about to happen! According to Cinema Blend, Uniregistry has just announced the availability of “.game” domain to anyone looking to create a site with such content. And if people cannot wait to grab their own domain, then they can simply go over to the Get.Game address.

By using the aforesaid site, people can search for all “.game” domain names and ensure that the ones they are planning to take are available. Needless to say, such domain fits well to entities that plan to produce and/or create video or mobile games, software and apps, among others.

The “.game” domain can also play a vital role in the success of retailers and/or distributors, as well as athletes and sports fans. Simply put, this domain is definitely a game (pun not intended) changer in the industry.

In fact, as reported by Polygon, Blizzard Entertainment did not waste any time. The titular video game company has reportedly purchased several “.game” domains for their titles, namely, “Starcraft,” “Diablo,” “Warcraft,” “Heroes of the Storm” and “Overwatch.”

In the past, Uniregistry has been trying to acquire the rights to the “.game” domain. However, it was only in 2015 when it has finally laid its hands on it. And, at long last, the domain is now out for people who want to put up a site that contains all sorts of gaming contents.