Consultancy services in selecting business solutions

Choosing the right business solution can be a long, complicated and ultimately costly process, if we end up not choosing the solutions that’s optimal for the needs of our business.

Croatian business solution market is an extremely rich one. In 2011 alone, Croatia boasted more than 2100 software developers. Precisely because of such wide variety of solutions, a question arises of how to choose the right solutions, while achieving optimal implementation and maintenance costs. The assumption that the cost of the program itself is a good indicator of the total cost does not stand in this case. The total cost of ownership can easily burst through any given budget if, after implementation, we realize that the subsequent process of adjustement, even to the simplest user requirements (e.g. setting up the master data, document appearance and so on), is a long process which expontentially increases the overall cost of the implementation.

Whatever the business purpose is (ERP, MRP, CRM, BI, specialized applications) for which we want to select a business solution, we must consider the factors that affect the price of the project itself:

These are just some of the important factors that affect the price, and it’s also necessary to mention the changes to current business proccess, if an implementation of ERP solutions with a defined business logic is concerned. Adapting business process for proper recording in the business system doesn’t necessarily have to improve them. Selected solution provider, even people responsible for implementation in the company itself, often don’t have the whole picture of all business process details and often wrongly insist on rigid definitions of business system processes. Such approaches usually result in an increase in the time required to perform the job, poor employee involvement and in the end, dissatisfaction in the user of the solution. The conclusion is that business process changes shouldn’t be forced – without considering the full impact on the company. Standardizing business processes is a positive impact of ERP solutions, but only in cases when the company itself adheres (or plans to) to the same standards. We must also consider the fact that, when choosing a business solution with a strict business logic, we don’t have a wide array of customization options.

Be ready to compromise, but not to your disadvantage.

 Guidelines to help with choosing solutions:

Contacting business solution providers, you will regularly be met with usual selling methods. You will be presented with all the positive sides of a certains solutions, and be kept in the dark of all flaws which you don’t usually know about until you start using the solution, when it’s too late. Choosing an inappropriate business solution is a very costly mistake to make.

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