Quality management in ICT

Intended for

  • Directors / managers of ICT functions in business systems (CIO)
  • CEOs of IT companies
  • Managers of individual units in the ICT function or IT companies
  • Managers of  function / quality management system (QS)
  • ICT specialists who in their work want to and need to implement QS


Become familiar with the importance and impact of quality management in ICT, and possible approaches to establishing such a system, a way to establish them ona ICT level as a business system (function or company), the application of norms in the production of software, using statistical methods and techniques in ICT as well as the statistical management of business processes in ICT.


  • Core definitions and concepts regarding quality, reasons for the establishment of a quality management system in ICT, cost and consequences of inadequacy.
  • Development and application of ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Application of individual standards in the production of software: definition of the development process (ISO 12207), software quality planning (ISO 9126), requirements specification, software design, verification, validation and testing of software
  • Application of comprehensive norms in the production of software: ISO 25000, ISO 90000
  • Application of statistical methods and techniques in ICT
  • The statistical business process management in ICT (Six Sigma).

Work methods



All attendants receive a participation certificate.


Prof.dr.sc. Zdravko Krakar, prof.dr.sc. Vesna Dušak and dr.sc. Silvana Tomić Rotim


2.450,00 kn + VAT

The price includes: a collection of slides and work materials for the seminar and exercises, participation certificate, lunch and refreshments during breaks.