An excellent solution for fast and safe work: devices for electronic signature

Author: Igor Balen

We tested the electronic signature device that has proven to be a great solution for quickly and securely signing documents. The device is used in a way that is connected via USB to the PC and the application of electronic signatures is started on the computer.

The device itself is very well made, and is recommended to all who are in need of something like this in their business. Electronic documents signed in this way can be checked anywhere, anytime and any way – without any technical complexity.

The device is relatively small in size, 150x122x26 mm, which makes it very flexible in terms of where it is located.

The signature can be transferred directly to an electronic document. The pen and sensor give a feeling similar to writing on paper. The writing and the size of the pen is equal to an ordinary pen and works without electronics and power supplies. The signing tablet can also be used without a pen in case the pen is lost or broken.

Unique features in the device are the compelling display graphics and text (320×240 resolution), specifications for digitizing signatures, flat shape and very smooth surface and the sensor, which is in line with the housing.

To use the device you must have software that must be set for the operation. The application must be modified to work with the device and file that it generates, but none of it is complicated or time-consuming.

Device characteristics: