Allway Sync: simple data synchronizatio

Author: Igor Balen

When it comes to synchronization,  you are usually faced with choosing between a user-friendly software with basic functions or technically demanding tools. We tested the free version of Allway Sync.

Like any good software, Allway Sync can work in several different environments – whether you are working on a home network, coordinating projects between home and office or simply want to update files with the help of an external drive – Allway Sync can meet all your needs.

Allway Sync can be used for basic backups to an external hard drive, USB drive, a hard drive partition or DVD, which greatly facilitates thing. All you have to do is select the “one-way” mode and direct the original file to a specific folder. Multi-direction synchronization requires a few more steps, but they are not complicated in comparison to the usual process: Allway Sync must be installed on all machines, then you need to create a shared folder and provide access to it to all users on the network. In this way, it is possible that multiple users working on the same project can update files in one place – it is certainly important in office work.

Unlike other synchronization program, Allway Sync does not impose a limit on the size of files being transferred or copied (mirrored). In the event that the file is damaged, lost or accidentally deleted, Allway Sync archives previous versions of files.

Allway Sync is not particularly difficult to use for basic operations such as backup data to the hard disk, working over the network, FTP client or coordinating all three modes of synchronization.

The user interface is quite simple, has a great amount of options, menus and sub-menus that allow various settings for the user.

Allway Sync encrypts data, provides data backup, data transfer is confirmed and works over a network or the Internet. Allway Sync is also a powerful backup tool for all valuable data. Despite its extensive menu and configuration options, we think that Allway Sync is a great tool for users looking for advanced features.