About us

SP sistemi is a modern company oriented towards business informational technology users. It is recognized within the Croatian market as a dynamic and advancing company that its users can completely rely on.

The company was founded with the aim of providing a comprehensive range of IT solutions to end users – businesses of different sizes, as well as business systems of varying complexities.

What we guarantee to all of our clients and users of our IT solutions and services is reliability on all levels, a high level of quality and business relations in general, professionalism, but flexibility as well, recognizing what our clients need and what their goals are – objectively.

SP sistemi has recognized the importance of a proactive business approach and actively communicate with both their clients and the community in general. This approach enables us to collect quality data, which among other things, directs the research and development department towards innovative, but at the same useful tools and solutions.

We continuously develop green IT solutions – in both different departments of our own business and our clients’ businesses – to contribute to the environment and society in general and to reap the economic benefits of this approach.